Prescription Medications for Toenail Fungus

The toenail does not get a lot of attention to people. Little do we know, If it’s the other way around in the drug and medical world. A yearly statistics says that millions are spent in an advertisement that is all about toenails. Most of these ads are unsure claims and attempts to eliminate the problem that a lot of people are experiencing nowadays namely, Onychomycosis are famously known as the nail fungus.

In the United States, nearly 35 million people have been infected by this micro organism and a lot of them suffer severe situations with it. According to Marvin Lipman, a clinical professor of medicine at the New York Medical College, that a diagnosis of this state is hard to miss because it has many physical deformations to the toenails and not to mention the unusual combination of grossing colors. This said diagnosis is rampantly being confused with psoriasis because of the almost parallel conditions that they both have. In some situations about this ailment, the nail will be tightly crumbly and is hard to cut.

To heal this ailment is not necessary and treating it will be mainly because of hygienic reasons. But in some instances treating it would be crucial especially for people who have a weak immune system or diabetic because there are more exposed to risk with such disease. More than half a million links will appear of you search it in Google on how to heal the said ailment.  Advertisements for toenail problems in the form of liquids, creams, and salves makes up almost all of this search hits. An anti-fungal medicine that is available in pharmaceuticals is the basic healing aid for any fungal nail infection. Anti-fungal pills or oral medicine offers the most chances for cure but with this, it is also necessary to monitor it once in a while for any hazardous side effects. Using this pills will is primarily used to people who have a severe fungal nail problems and cannot be treated by first choice drug creams. Anti-fungal topical creams, lotions, and gels are also available and can be used as one of the healing arsenals in treating toenail problems. Although not efficient compared to oral medicines they are still used by most people who are experiencing early stages of toenail fungal infections. Also other people who are using this have the goal to prevent it from going back or spreading. Also athlete’s foot is commonly paralleled to fungal diseases. When choosing anti-fungal nail infection medicine bear in mind the type and location of the infection. Toenail and fingernail ailments are treated with different prescriptions most of the time. For fingernails, the time for the medicine to kick in usually shorter compared to toenails because of some sheer vibrant factors. If you have a light fungal problem and are concerned about the side effects of the oral medicines try using the topical medicines because it has a less risk exposure and is more fit to your mild situation. But in certain situations that fungal nail infections keeps coming back; you may want to consider a long term treatment. Oral antifungal medicines increase your risk factors in many ways. It would be risky to accept Oral medication treatments if you have a unfortunate history on blood and liver problems or even just panning to drink any alcoholic beverages during the process of the medication it is just not safe. Other drugs that you intake prior with Antifungal oral medications can also affect the whole medication process. Some medicines that have been taken with antifungal pills might build up your system and thus resulting to a bad effect. Before taking any antifungal medications consult your doctor and let him or her know about the medicines that you’re taking with it and let him or her decide on the situation. The does and time that it will take for the whole medication to be successful entirely depends on how severe is the diagnosis of your infection. The treatment process can go from a week to a couple of months depending on the dosage and therapy that you are undertaking. The costs of the treatments are depending on the severity and the processes that it will take to entirely heal the infection.

The oral medication includes side effects that are considered minor such as headaches, stomach upset, skin rashes, changes in taste, visual disturbance, and the common increased in sensitivity of the skin towards the sunlight. Oral side effects that is considered to be major includes Liver damage or failure, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, loss of appetite, belly pain, darker urine than usual, and skin color changes. It is vital to consult and see a doctor before going thru the whole process.


Terbinafine hydrochloride or famously known as Lamisil is a known anti fungal toenail medicine that is known to be an effective anti-fungal antibiotic. Lamisil treatment is commonly used to heal problems that involve toenails and fingernails. Before undergoing treatment under Lamisil if you have history of diagnosis that involves liver disease, kidney problem, and any unnoticeable disorder such as psoriasis. Taking Lamisil for the prescribed length of time will increase your chance of healing and skipping the prescribed dosage will vastly increase the chance of the risk of continual infection that is dependent on the antibiotics. Lamisil for toenail fungus is exclusively for the used of the toenail and not other ailments such as flu or cold. A lot of people that took this medicine claim to develop a liver problem that caused them a liver transplant or in other cases death. Although it is not proven that the Lamisil is the cause of the tragic outcome but is highly essential to monitor yourself upon going thru the process and consistently consult a doctor every now and then. In some other situations that caused these severe cases, the patient is already having a serious internal problem before taking the therapeutic process. You blood needs to be monitored regularly to make sure that the medicine is not the cause of all these body errors that you are experiencing. Your doctor needs to know your condition on and before the process so that you may know what to do or take if the situation calls for it.

Side effects for these kinds of drugs is normal. Lamisil pills or oral granules can cause serious and minor side effects that may cause severe bodily damage if not treated immediately. A doctor must attend to you regularly if you are planning to intake such drugs. Go and seek medical attention right away if any of the listed Lamisil side effects are experienced. Allergic reactions such as rashes, swelling in a number of body parts, itching, finding a hard time to breathe or swallow chest tightness, mood swings and mental changes such as depression, mouth sores, joint pain, seizures, and unusual sensitivity towards the sun. Other Lamisil side effects includes swollen skin, severe muscle pains, sore throat, fever, decreased appetite that is usually connected to liver problems, stomach pain, unusual weakness, vomiting, taste absence, vision disruption, bruising and bleeding, and many other symptoms and side effects that need attention from a doctor. Lamisil cream for toenail fungus is also available for the consumers to use. Relieving an itching, burning, and cracking itch and other fungal infections on the skin is the main purpose of the Lamisil cream. A Lamisil or terbinafine tablet has the synthetic allylamine antifungal terbinafine hydrochloride. Swallaow this medication tablet using the mouth. You can take this medicine with and without any food intake to go with it. Terbinafine works essentially to stop the roots and growth of fungi and is in a class of mediation known as anti fungal. It kills directly the fungi’s by messing with their cell membranes and thus stopping it to produce a substance known as ergosterol which is needed component for fungal cell membranes.


Other drugs that have been related and can treat toenail fungal infections is the Sporanox. Genrically known as the itraconazole, this drug is still an antifungal drug that will treat for toenail fungal problems. It prevents continual growths of lots of types of fungi by targeting the membranes and stops it from producing more fungi. Sporanox or itraconazole is an antifungal medicine. It mainly kills the sensitive fungi by disrupting with its cell membrane formation. Also is designed to treat diagnosis and infections that are primarily caused by a fungus. A fungus can attack any part of your body including the lungs, mouth, throat, fingernails, and toenails. Before taking in Sporanox consult your doctor for possible diagnosis and let the doctor know about your history of a heart related problem. Include also a history with kidney related and liver related diagnosis. Take sporanox for at the full time that has been prescribed for you to get the results that you need and want. The symptoms will be cleared slowly until the said problem will be taken care of. Spiranox cannot mend other diagnosis and infections virally like a common flu or a cold. Itraconazole is designed to treat a numerous number of fungal infections which includes areas of the genitals, mouth, and skin which is extremely helpful to people who have a particularly weak immune system.

Before taking the said anti fungal medication make sure the doctor will clear you of conditions like, heart related problems, circulations disruptions, history of stroke, breathing disorder, chronic obstructive pulmonary diagnosis, kidney problems, cystic fibrosis, liver disease, and any other history of sickness that needs to be known (hereditary family sickness will also count). Pregnancy is also an issue before taking this medicine. If you are pregnant or is planning to get pregnant during the process of therapy or medication, let your doctor know and receive consultation from him or her. Although it is not proven to affect an unborn baby during pregnancy it is better to consult a doctor first and seek an advice. Sporanox side effects include rampant allergic reactions to different areas of the skin and can generated rashes and unexplained bruises. Sparanox for toenail fungus are also available in different forms and can also be taken orally.


Another known worldwide drug is the Ciclopirox. Ciclopirox topical solution is mainly used with normal trimming to treat toenails and fingernails out of a fungal infection. It also typically stops and prevents the growth of fungus on toenails and fingernails. Ciclopirox will develop the conditions of your nails but not that effective when it comes to fungus. Continue taking the medicine and don’t start the process unless you have the doctor’s permission and diagnosis.

Ciclopirox nail lacquer is a topical solution that has a synthetic anti-fungal agent in it. This designed exclusively for topical use on toenails and fingernails and to treat immediately an adjacent skin. Anti-fungal lacquer contains the side effects itching, redness, dryness, irritation, and other changed in the nails like discoloration and other things. Ciclopirox lacquer or also known as Penlac is a pure topical medication that treats toenail and fingernail fungal attack. As Penlac as its brand name, the treatment program also offers removal of an unhealthy nail by a health care professional at least once a month or whichever the doctor prescribed. Penlac topical solution can be sued and must be used in the proper way. Clean first the area that is infected and the area that needs application of the topical solution. Rub a little amount of Penlac nail lacquer to the area and gently swipe it. The dosage depends on the doctor but averagely it is usually applied once or twice a day. It is not applicable to cover the inflicted area with bandage not unless the doctor or a healthcare specialist has instructed you to. Before and after every medication process, wash your hands thoroughly to avoid any spread of the fungi. If accidentally you got the Penlac nail lacquer into your eyes, nose, mouth, or other areas of the skin be sure to rinse it cleanly of consult a specialist. Use it regularly for the best results.