How to Trim Toenails

Nail ClipperIt is necessary to trim your toenail properly so you won’t end up having ingrown toenails. It seems easy to trim your nails but when you do it the wrong way, it will cause your toenail discomfort and problems. If you can notice your toenail is beginning to submerge into the soft skin around it, something must be wrong. It could be that you have sustained foot injury or you have too big shoes. Whatever causes your ingrown toenail, it remains necessary to properly trim your nails to avoid problems. Here are the steps that you can do to properly trim your toenails.

  1. Before you trim your toenails, wet your toenails by taking a bath or soaking them in a basin full of warm water. Leave your feet there for 10 minutes. This will soften your toenails making them easier to be groomed. Dry your feet thoroughly using a towel. Never cut your nails when they are very dry so you won’t break or splinter them.
  2. Get a cotton ball and wet it with rubbing alcohol. Disinfect your nail clippers by rubbing the wet cotton ball over them.
  3. Get paper towels and place them on the floor so the trimmed nails will fall on them. Use one hand to hold your clippers while the other hand is in your foot.
  4. Remove the nail polish in your nails so you can clearly see if your toenails are already dirt-free.
  5. Trimming your toenails must be done from one side to another. Begin at the pinky toe up to the big toe. Hold the foot properly at the back of the ankle and start clipping. Don’t make big cuts or cutting the nail all at one time. Rather, make small cuts so the corners of your nail will not become round. It is ideal to have a square-shaped toenail. Don’t cut the nails very short. Keep it somewhat long. Do this process in all your toenails. Clip the corners at a 45-degree angle and don’t dig into the corners. This is to prevent in-grown toe nails.
  6. Use an emery board to smoothen the edges of your toenails. The proper use of the emery board is striking the nails in one direction rather than moving it back and forth.
  7. Get the paper towels that have the toenail clippings and thrown them.

Tearing or picking your toenails because this will make irregular edges which may lead to ingrown toenails. Make sure to clean your tools after every use to avoid nail fungal infections. Check your toenails for some abnormalities that could be a sign of a toenail fungus infection. If you are already suffering from this infection, you better find a treatment for this as early as possible. Continue to practice proper hygiene to prevent the infection from spreading to other toenails. Hence, to prevent your toenails from any infections, maintaining or trimming them properly is very necessary. The condition of your toenails will depend on how you take care of them.