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Toenail Fungus

Toenail FungusIf you think that nail fungus are something that shouldn’t alarm you, then think again.

In a recent research conducted in some locations in USA and Canada, it has been found out that cases of nail fungus, most especially toenail fungus are rapidly increasing. Every year, cases of persons suffering from this infection are increasing, and nail fungus, if not treated immediately, may cause more complicated infections especially for those who are diabetic and hypertensive.

Out of the 1,800 people that participated in the research conducted by medical professionals, 14% have been diagnosed with nail fungus characterized by discoloration and thick nails which is also confirmed through a nail-clipping test performed by the research team.

Past studies have report rates of constant increase of nail fungus around the world. It is very alarming that the infection is constantly increasing because the infection can be passed from person to person. And also, the rate of 14% is considered to be an underestimate, because a lot of people have been suffering from the infection, without them knowing, so in reality, the rate should be around 25-35%. Pretty alarming right?

Toenail Fungus (Onychomycosis) at Peak InfectionIf you want to prevent yourself and your family from experiencing nail fungus, then this comprehensive article will teach everything you need to know about the infection.

Nail fungus or also known as onychomycosis is a condition that occurs when microscopic fungus penetrates fingernails or toenails. In most cases, toe nails are the ones who suffer from this infection.

This infection is mostly seen in male adults; although any sex or age can suffer from the infection, especially foot fungus, which will be discussed as you read on.

First of all, you need to know the disadvantages of having nail fungus infections;

  • Decrease blood circulation in your feet, hands and nails
  • Slower mobility – sometimes toenail fungus infections makes walking a very hard task.
  • Further bacterial infections such as acute paronychia which causes inflammation and swelling of the skin near the affected area.
  • Complications;

Yellow ToenailsPersons who have diabetes and are hypertensive are in high risk if they suffer from fungus infections. This is because the process of healing fungus infection is slow itself, and with diabetes and hypertension the process is even slower making it very susceptible for further complications, etc.

So what are the causes of nail fungus?

Our body normally hosts a lot of bacteria and fungi. There are bacteria and fungi that are useful for our bodies and its’ operation. And there are also those bacteria and fungi that just feed and stay in our system without giving us any benefit, they are called parasites. And these parasite fungi are the ones who cause nail fungus.

There are mainly three different kinds of fungus that can cause nail fungul;

Dermatophytes – these are the type of fungi that causes athlete’s foot. They can grow on skin, hair and on nails. These fungi only invade the outer layers of the tissues and do not go deeper. These fungi can be found on clothes, shoes, nail clippers, carpets, locker rooms and etc.

Yeasts – these are fungi that can be found on the body and grows on skin and nails. Illness, use of contraceptive pills, and having a weak systems are some of the factors that increases the growth of yeasts in the body causing the infection.

Molds – these fungi are usually found in the soil and in spoil foods. They can grow in nails and skin. However, these type of fungi can’t be passed from one person to another.

The nail fungus infection occurs;

Cracked Fungus ToenailWhen a small cut or break happens in our nails, these nail fungus immediately enters that part causing the infection. Assumptions that poor hygiene may lead to nail fungus are proven to be wrong. There is no scientific evidence that poor hygiene can lead to nail fungus. Although, it is right that nail fungus can be spread from one person to another through contact with the infected nails.

Most nail fungus infections are seen in adult men, especially in their feet, which is called fungal infection because adult men are usually more sweaty and athletic than women. Thus, their toenails are more prone into having cuts and breaks than women who don’t usually where shoes and the like. Take note that fungi can rapidly grow in wet and warm places like locker rooms and shoes of men.

Additional activities that can increase the cause of nail fungus are the following;

  • Getting your manicures and pedicures done using equipments or utensils that have already been used on other people. Remember, that some of the fungi that cause the infection can be transferred from people to people.
  • Minor or major skin and nail injuries.
  • Nail diseases, deformities and other disorders
  • Weak immune system
  • Closed in footwear, wearing closed in footwear will make your feet sweaty which is a good place for the fungi to grow

Now that you are enlightened with the causes of nail fungus, you will now need to know the common symptoms of the infection;

Well, there are different kinds of nail fungus that have been classified according to the type of fungus infection a person is suffering. Although, the infection doesn’t cause any pain at all, it definitely will cause a lot of discomfort for the person suffering it. Below are the types of nail fungus infection and their symptoms;

The most common nail fungus infection suffered by most people is distal subungual onychomycosis, which is caused by dermatophytes. It mainly invades and affects both the nail and the nail bed (the skin under the nail). This infection’s symptoms are the following;

  • Yellow coloration in the nail bed and the undersides of the affected nail/s. (Yellow toenails)
  • Presence or emergence of bits of nails, of which are mostly dead nails, inside the nails or in the nail bed
  • A very thick and discolored nail that is separated or may separate with the nail bed. (Black toenails)
  • A very brittle, thick and broken nail.

The second most common nail fungus infection suffered is white superficial onychomycosis, it is the infection of the nail plate or surface only. It doesn’t affect the skin underneath the nail or the nail bed, although it is also caused by dermatophytes. It’s symptoms include the following;

  • White spots, horizontal lines in the nail plate.
  • If the infection gets worse, the nail plate can be very soft and powdery.
  • Brown or gray coloration of the nail
  • Damaged and brittle nail but will not separate with the nail bed.

Other types of nail fungus infection are very rare, and most of the time, these infections are associated with more serious disorders like HIV. These two infections are Candida onychomycosis which is caused by Yeasts and proximal sublingual onychomycosis which is associated to HIV.

However, if additional symptoms arise in your nail fungus infection, then it is best recommended for you to see a doctor immediately in order to prevent further complications.

On the other hand, if you have the common symptoms of nail fungus infection, then you can personally cure yourself off the infection. Below are useful tips on nail fungus care or toenail fungus and nail fungus treatment;

The most standard medication for nail fungus infections is by applying antifungal medicines in the nails that are affected.

Oral medicines (Anti fungal pills) have the best chance of curing the infection, although constant monitoring is necessary in order to immediately notice any dangerous side effects that may cause worse complications. This type of treatment is usually advised to persons who have moderate – severe cases of nail fungus infection. This type of medication will cost a lot of money.

Anti fungal topical medicines, which includes lotions, creams, gels and the likes. They are safer nail fungus or toenail fungus care options for persons who have mild cases of nail fungus infection. They are used by applying the product in the affected area and in their borders and sides to prevent the infection from spreading throughout the skin. These products are usually available over the counter. Also, they are less effective compared to Oral medicines but are of course safer and a lot cheaper.

If by chance that you are unable to undergo any of the toenail fungus treatments because of worse cases, then it is best recommended for you to remove the affected nails with the help of professionals. Although, the re-growth of nails may take a long time, it will surely be worth the wait if it means treating the fungi infection and ridding of the possible complication.

There are two ways of removing the nail, one is by the use of ointment in order to dissolve the nail and the other is by surgically removing it.

And also, if all  toenail fungus home remedies doesn’t work on the infection, and other symptoms are still coming then it is best for you to immediately consult a doctor and ask for a professional advice. Remember that nail fungus infection can lead to deadlier infections, thus, if the following occurs, immediately go to a doctor;

  • Swelling, heat in the nails, tenderness and increased pain
  • Discharge of fluids, (maybe brownish or blood)
  • Extension of red streaks
  • Fever, colds, etc, with no cause
  • Spreading of the infection
  • Odd appearance
  • And additional discomforts

Now that we have finished discussing the treatment options available to cure your nail fungus infection. I will now share you with you simple and useful tips for you to prevent nail fungus infection from coming back – ever again!

How to prevent nail fungus infection from coming back or invading your nails.

Below are very useful tips that will surely help you in preventing nail fungus infection from causing discomfort and pain in your lives.

  • Always keep your nails trimmed short
  • Always thin areas in your skin that are thick to prevent fungi from inhabiting it
  • Have a separate cleaning utensils for your fingernails and toenails
  • Keep a complete nail cleaning set
  • Don’t use the same nail clippers on healthy nails and unhealthy nails to prevent transferring of fungi.
  • When going to parlors, always bring your own manicure and pedicure set
  • When doing wet works, always wear waterproof gloves and boots to prevent development moisture in your nails. Feet is usually prone to moisture, thus always pay attention to the cleaning and maintaining of the dryness of your feet.
  • Wear 100% cotton socks, it will help absorb the sweat and moisture from your feet. Whenever you feel that your socks are wet and damp, immediately remove them and clean and wipe dry your feet to prevent fungi build up.
  • Wear shoes that have wide space for your toes to breath, this will prevent moisture or at least lessen it.
  • Wearing of pointed shoes is discouraged
  • In wet and moist areas, avoid walking in barefoot to prevent yourself from collecting fungi in the floor.
  • If possible, wear shower shoes, sandals or flip flops when going to public areas such as swimming pool locker rooms or community rooms
  • Always keep your feet and hands dry, let them breathe.
  • Before going to bed, always wash your feet and hands thoroughly and dry them.
  • Using of anti fungal powders for your feet is also recommended. This will help you keep your feet dry and prevent fungi build up. Before wearing socks, apply anti fungal powders.
  • Don’t share shoes and sandals with others. It is always better to have your own set of shoes and not share to prevent fungi from transferring from one place to another and grow themselves.
  • And most importantly, don’t injure your nails, nail beds, and nail plates.
  • And if it happens, be sure to quickly treat it with proper medications.

With the tips and how to’s I have given you, you will certainly be able to lessen the chances if not prevent it, of having your nails infected by fungus.

Remember that nail fungus infection can complicate to more deadlier infections, that is why knowing everything about it, from causes, symptoms, treatments, and prevention is very important for you to prevent it from happening. With this comprehensive article, you will certainly be able to prepare yourself in battling nail fungus infection. And also just to to remind you, prevention is better than cure.